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We'll provide you with fantastic service, a comfortable environment in which to shop and an item of fine jewelry you'll be proud to give as a gift or wear for many years to come.

If we don't live up to that promise, we will refund your money within 100 days. No questions asked.

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Our History

Because of its reputation for fine quality products, superior service and neighborhood-type friendliness, Monmouth Jewelers serves generations of original customers.

It all began in 1915, when Herman Itkoff and Jacob and Pearl Jurin purchased the company from E. L. Donnelly. Albert "Mickey" Levinson joined the business in 1918. In the late 1920s, Herman became an optometrist and the store was divided in two: Herman performed eye examinations and sold glasses, and Mickey sold jewelry. Mickey eventually purchased the business in the 1960s.

Because of Mickey’s personality and warmth, the jewelry business thrived. In 1976 Mickey’s son Steve came on board and a second location was opened in the Newport Shopping Center. In 1982 Mickey closed the original store and “retired.” Soon he was back to work five days a week, and after managing to cut back still worked He did eventually cut back, but worked until he passed away in 1990. Mickey’s greatest asset and legacy was his ability to retain both employees and customers.

In 1999, Steve’s son, Scott, joined the company. He is GIA Certified in diamonds and grading, as well as being responsible for the store’s accounting and appraisal work.

Today, Monmouth Jewelers continues to offer service and quality that would make Mickey proud — and keeps families returning with the next generation of Monmouth Jewelers customers.

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